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Hey i was wondering if anybody on here has any graphics cards they want to sell that they are not using? i need one bc i can't play integrated graphics on my new computer. I only get 2fps whenever i try to play right now.

My specs are

processor: AMD fx-6300
Ram: 8Gb of ddr3 gskill ram
Motherboard: 760GM-P34
Power supply: 500Watt Turbolink
HD: 80Gb WD Black

Can't really play right now needs some help with it.. first new computer that i built in a while.. have a budget up to $60 on a new or used of course graphics card.. thank you have a nice day


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    Wardog has set up a easy way to receive donation if anyone is able to help. He spent his savings on building his new tower so that he could play AAPG. TPA was vary generous on sending him some ram so a special thanks to Craazy_Biach. I myself will be making a donation but if anyone else is able to help out my young friend here that would be gratefully appreciated.

    Thank you!
  • =[PIMP]=HG|GreitZ=[PIMP]=HG|GreitZ Posts: 23Player
    If i have one i spenden it for you, cause youre a amd User Broterwerb like me
  • ~Gorilla~~Gorilla~ Posts: 793Administrator
    We got it figured out thank you guys. Someone was generous enough to donate his older one :D
  • K0$H3RK0$H3R Posts: 57Developer
    Man, you guys are awesome. Love to see this kind of community support.
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    I need a new wife.. if anyone's got one going free/cheap? (pssst.. pls don't tell the one I currently have that I said this)

    Congrats Wardogs, time to get ya game face on :mrgreen:

    I'd have offered to help as I have an old GPU I don't need/use any longer (ATi 6970), but shipping it to USA would probably cost upwards of $60 :(
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