Where to find a Admin; when you need one ?

I know this is an hard situation to solve; to be there to/for people...
but not drown in all those/that need to be helped and get things resolved.
( since with the ability to report/ call.. and so forth ;
some people need to turn there for anything they can think off...
(( and those can spend hours in some forum, reading text... and so forth;
i don´t mind and I do think they should; to learn and so forth... ))

BUT, sometimes, people need help even if they know more and so on... but
still need fast response; some Action from those that can make a difference..

[ Do you understand the different arguments ?
If so; you also understand that sometimes people really need help to check cheaters out,
need those with powers to do something, ( in reality, with legality.. ))
Since ofc. we can complain, but what does that help, days later ?
ofc we can do " justice there and then; by killing the cheaters asss off...
( but what good will that do]
We get punished for shooting our own.. ? ( kick or jail ) and for how long...
one match or a whole evening ? - and so forth...

And at this point it would be great to be able to contact real live admins, that could help out.
( if and how... is what I now here bring up ) is there a way ?
is it possible... or; since its not of your concern, your interest, "the game is free" ( or what ever)
this is nothing that ever will be handled, ( live with it; your comment to us... )

( and I write this after several attempt to contact or Report, ( things and people )
but end up in a jungle of paperwork... many stupid questions, and after hours..
of scratching my head.
( I know I am not alone in this ....) I give up... I rather give up,
then spend even more time to Answer how and when, what name it was on me, him, server,
knowing the difference from what the server is called to what IP nr or real name it has...
I give up; and I am one of those that at least tried... - so how many don´t give shi.. at all ?
That´s why I turned here now...
[ After the Server was hacked and all we could do is watch, and then leave,
since what is the point if Your Official servers get hacked and... No one cares ? )

[ Btw: Know this for an fact, I do my best, trying to explain the situations, I trying my best;
due to the fact I Am Swedish ( not Native American- as so many seems to believe to be the case/ regarding all people, that play, speak and live on this planet] and/or this is My English,
it´s pretty good but not the best.. but I try and I hope that is worth Something...
So try to get/see my points; instead of look on grammar, okay, plz.. ? ]

- Is there a way to get fast response ?
(a) If no; will there ever be ? )
(b) Is cheating anything to report ( and with no response; why bother; is my counter argument.)
(c) Is there and official search-able list over people that get cough and banned ? )

Thomas / [NB]-GreyWolf-


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    Report it if you so wish, accepting that you will get no recognition or response.. then simply go to another server. There is little else you can do.
    If my trollery drives you crazy, you'd better put on your seatbelt.

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