Server have been hacked AA official Outdoors

When I joined my usual server AA official outdoors...
it was hacked
( Since I want the game and players to be clean )

How odd and strange that AA ---->--v ( see below ) - DO NOTHING !
( and within that all what that means... a.k.a. never no response at all.. kind of attitude... )

And me or us as serious players Can´t get hold of an Real Admin within minutes ,
from when this happens. ( Q:... why is it so hard to report this and cheaters ? )

So what to do ? ( wait for another day to play... change server (only) and get to terms that this shi... happens... and you guys will not do anything about it ? ( or; sorry... ! you will mail a answer 2 days later and then tell me I need to give you more facts... .
aka. you will do nothing unless you get it served on a plate.. so to speak....) and that´s your way of "handling" it.. - Right...

( and a) yes it rude, semi-agressive, and so forth... but don´t forget; I become this when thing ain´t what I Believe them to be (( and what I heard of those on the server; they agree with me.... ))
b) I had hoped that Your might, your Agenda would scare off a.. -holes and
People that want to play, could do that in peace.... without hacks and cheaters.. ( was I wrong? )

{{ And yes I got several things to say about how things work, ( in-game, how bad things sometimes are designed to suit the gamer community... the players... ( to help them report cheater, problems and so forth, but that I leave for another time... - Plz.... Plz.... Fix this server; get the hacker and send him to...
Guantanamo or some other black hole... Since I don´t... eeeh really don´t like them...!

thx in beforehand.
( a) And No I do not have the IP nr to YOUR server... and b) yes I am aware of that this may be the wrong place... but I don´t wish to spend 5 hours to figure where the right place are...
( And yes; that how hard it is to get to the right place.../ and No... I do not wanna join the Army !)
thx .. again... I hope my message get thru...

( Ancient1; Greywolf, Bannor. )


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