UMM Heat bug report

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As seen in this video one can see through certain spots on at least two buildings. I'm not sure if players are suppose to have access to these ledges but they most definitely should not see through the walls. Also, if you lean too far in you'll fall into the building and there is no way out.



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    I assume they (devs) meant them buildings to be scenic, (part of an inaccessible background in a map), the LOD of the mesh and texture alone give it away. Since the player wouldn't be able to get near them anyway they didn't need to have adequate collision volumes made.

    However, it's been a while since I tinkered with maps so I'm not exactly a prime candidate to give you advice tbh, but if this is the case.. you could add one yourself or even use a blocking volume to stop players from being able to go through.
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    Thank You Duke Audi ill have å look and fix it

    There is No collission by default just as unisol says. I added on the buildings on the ground floor and balconys but it Was Never ment to be accessable to players like in the beginning of the video
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