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-DFP- Delta Force Phantoms is a mature and team oriented multi-gaming community focusing on shooters And Moba's such as America's Army: Proving Grounds, Squad ,Army 3 Battlefield 1 ,Infestation NewZ , R6 Siege.
We are always looking for new, mature, team oriented players to join our ranks. Whether you want to play competitively[ESL] or casually, there is a community here for you.
We're not only a guild/clan but we're also a family.
We have a Teamspeak ( and New active Website and forums!
We are all about teamwork, communication, and most importantly having a good time. No BS or egos in here! We are all gamers of different ages and backgrounds all here just having a good time.
If you're looking for a friendly, fun, welcoming community, then -DFP- Delta Force- Phantoms is here for you! If you'd like to apply, head on over and send in an application today!
-Be of the age of 18+(Or around with a somewhat Mature attitude)
-Have Teamspeak downloaded and be regularly active
-Apply on the website and be active Weekly (

The "Rules"
We say "rules" because the word rules has such negative connotation. Let us instead call them guidelines.
Most of these should be painfully obvious and not need mentioning. But for the sake of being thorough, and being able to say "You knew the rules (guidelines)," here they are.

Don't instigate confrontation.
If you have an issue with a guest/recruit/member/mod/admin/ANYONE, try to resolve it yourself. Talk it out. If not possible, then remove yourself from the situation.
We're all adults, so let's try to act like it. If you cannot resolve it yourself,
Using "he said she said" or "well 2 weeks ago so and so said this" is not helpful to us or your case and we may be unable to take any action at all.
Be moderately active.
We don't ask that you "check in" every day or whatever. But we like active members and we hope that you'll be around frequently. Vacation and life events happen. We get it.
Most all of us have full-time jobs and/or are full-time college students. If at all possible, let someone know if you'll be gone for more than a week or whatever.
It does not have to be a mod/admin, but they would be a preferable contact. A forum post would be great for this in the General Discussion thread.
Don't be a toxic/offensive player.
Trolling is fun. Again, we get it. But do so in moderation. You gotta be yourself and let your fly fly, but if it becomes an issue with a fellow member, then it's an issue. Straight up.
That also means no blatantly offensive names and/or talk. We do not tolerate homophobic, racial, religious, or sexist remarks. Everyone should feel welcome on our website, and in our TS server.
As a rule of thumb, if you have to ask yourself "is what I'm about to say/do offensive to someone?" then chances are that it is! So just don't do it!
No cheating, glitching, exploiting.
This is another one that we feel should be known that didn't need express documenting. Anywho, as stated on the application that you filled out, you agreed to not use any cheats/hacks/exploits.
If you see a member/recruit abusing a glitch in a game in a manner that unfairly benefits them or their team, please file a claim on our site or talk with an admin
Screenshots may be sufficient for most cases, but a video might be required for others. A lot of cheats are hard to prove. We will do our very best in providing proper action for these situations.
Thanks for Reading and if this is the place for you please join us on teamspeak or add us on steam


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    Bullet points and/or formatting would benefit this posts.
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    will you guys be playing FGN>?
    Not a brand new player to the community just never used the forums
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    Hello guys.

    Since you are an active clan looking for new members, how much more attractive you wouldn't be if you were also competing :)

    I would like to invite you to the TWL League Season 2.

    PTranger Portuguese Rangers Founder
    TWL Teamwarfare Competition Director
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