Server Flood Attacks



  • =R*C=Von_Drehle=R*C=Von_Drehle Posts: 10Player
    edited February 2017
    So last night Australian servers were again relentlessly attacked to the point no one could play, and noted Great Outdoors also lagged out and crashed while I was playing there instead. Twice within an hour.

    Thats 3 crashes on a US Official server now within 24 hours. Would any of the Dev's or Server Admins like to comment as to the cause? Seems to me the attacks are now starting on US servers.
  • -=WWG=-Kickins-=WWG=-Kickins Posts: 2Player
    just seems funny tog is doing [TOS Violation] all about posting coments thats number 1.
    number 2 is with all these ddos going on how the [TOS Violation] are they within the top 10 in the world.
    something is sus with tog weather thwy want a strong hold over the aussie servers or what they intend to do who knows.
    but they know something about it.or maybe they cant handle a bit of compition maybe.
    who knows going to he funny as [TOS Violation] whwn it all comes to light.
  • =R*C=Locksta=R*C=Locksta Posts: 1Player
    TheTots wrote: »
    I'll speak w/ our programmers again and see if there's anything at all we can do.
    These kinds of attacks are pretty hard to fight unfortunately.

    Just wondering if anything has eventuated from this at all?
  • Vixen, not everything is a conspiracy...

    The TOG AAPG servers have been in the top 10 for years .... not sure why you are concerned about that fact now?

    Our "Games Ops" team put a lot of selfless time and effort into making the servers run as smooth as they possibly can, not just in AAPG but across various server based gaming platforms.

    There is no reward for the time and effort they put into maintaining these servers other than the appreciation of those who visit our gaming arena's.
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