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=NhL=Jaspiane=NhL=Jaspiane Posts: 1Player
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The Nations Highest Loyalist, is looking to recruit new & experienced players.

We are looking to build our community & start running skirmishes against other clans.

Apply your clan for diplomacy to become Allied in our server.

We encourage members to have a mic & download discord.

We have our own server.

Fill out application at http://nationshighestloyalist.com



  • -pR|speT.-pR|speT. Posts: 59Player
    Hello guys.

    Since you are an active clan looking for new members, how much more attractive you wouldn't be if you were also competing :)

    I would like to invite you to the TWL League Season 2.

    PTranger Portuguese Rangers Founder
    TWL Teamwarfare Competition Director
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