Banned for cheating because too good

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Thu 2/2, 4:10 PM
Dear Darioush,


An admin has banned you from the game for use of an illegal third party tool.

ROFL. So this is for WoopsToggle, my main steam. I mean come on I just made some people mad because I was getting quad kills and dumping on them. I then talked trash in global because they were calling cheats and then all of a sudden I get kicked from the game and can not see main menu. I reload game and see my account is disabled. It has been over a week now and support is ignoring my ticket. Admin abuse should not be promoted to these gentlemen who have never seen a good fps player before.

Oh ya, I had to make this account to play again, because you know, PunkBuster is genuine..


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    This means a dev banned you, not punkbuster. Plenty of good players play this game without getting banned by devs, so I highly doubt you "being too good" is your issue. This isn't your typical join a clan server and get banned from that specific server, which does often happen to good players, you're actually banned from the game entirely.
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