High ping in game

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After game updata (21 nov 2016) I have problems with ping.

When I type in console (CMD) ping my_favoriteserver - t I get no more than 27 ms .. all time.. no one packet loss.
But in game I have from 40 - 90 - 140 - to 300 ms (usually 76).

Why I get two diffrent results on the same server? from the same computer?

At my request, my operator (ISP) was monitoring my ping when I playing on my favorite server. Results? Packages were 27ms and the game I had a ping 70-140 ms and many laggs.
Why is such a huge difference?

Can someone help?


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    Have you tried resetting your router and flushing your dns by using the command "ipconfig /flushdns" in the windows command prompt

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