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Hello All, I was wondering if someone could tell me how I can access the in game "Admin Panel". I host a rented server and it is registered, up and on line. However, when I'm in game at home I see that if I hit "Escape" and go to the menu that pops up there is a "Admin Panel" tab. When I click on it a window pops up asking for the Admin Password. When I enter the password that I have set for the server Admin Access it tells me "Incorrect Password". Am I missing something?



  • =IK=.Scooby=IK=.Scooby Posts: 119Player
    Did you add the admin password to the ini or are you using the password you use to login in to the server's admin panel on lowping/gameservers/whatever you're using? Need to go in to the server's ini files and add an admin password.
  • Hey =IK=.Scooby,

    Thanks for the input. I was able to do it by connecting to my remote dedicated server and using the game admin panel. All I needed to do was click on the "Manage Running Servers" box then enter my password there. I thought that by having my password in the "start.bat" file that the games admin control panel created was all I needed.

    Thanks Again!
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