DEMOREC directory

Hello guys,
its first ime im trying to setum demorec so sorry for these stupid questions probably.
however can you guys help me to make our server demorec. we are using server hosting services and the game in installed into directory like this:
.../1346008/aapg - i mean here is AAGame, Binaries, Engine folders.

what is enough for server to record Demos?
bAutoDemoRecEnabled=false - is it enough to change it to "true", or i also have to enter directory, since there is line like this "DemoRecDir=" just under. and if i add how should it look? how deep in folders i should set directory, is the rood setted to AAPG, or where? i hope i made myself clear.
Thx for all help.


  • -[iG]-Leketiskis-[iG]-Leketiskis Posts: 127Player
    obviuosly i cant delete my own post :D but its solved, just used default one, without adding anything near the dir part, now i just need to find easy way to play those :)
  • ~Gorilla~~Gorilla~ Posts: 772Administrator
    Thank you for the update.
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