M16 - SLOG Scope not avaiable

MontanheiroMontanheiro Posts: 2Player
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Hey guys need some help,

some maps dont allow me to choose slog scope with 16 marksman, i know that some server might not allow that scope, but on same sever as others, they have it and i cant.... i already have woodland sckin so the challenge where we unlock it as been completed.

regards to all


  • frankoffrankof Posts: 987Moderator
    Make sure you actually pick the marksman slot and not the rifleman with M16, the M16 is available in both positions, but only dedicated marksman will allow the scope
  • MontanheiroMontanheiro Posts: 2Player
    edited January 2017
    yep, i am sure of that, m16 marksman i m talking....

    i will reinstall the game and let you konw....
  • I know this is an old thread but if anyone is still wondering or google searches for the answer to this ? and finds this thread as I did the answer is you have to unlock it via the m14 by way of getting the veteran status under challenges...
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