Happy Holidays from your AA Support Team!

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from your Support Team!

As the holidays are upon us, many of us will be in and out of the office on travel visiting family and friends. That being said, the response to any support questions via the ticket support system might be much slower than usual. However, if any of you experience any major issues that need direct support, please submit them to the AAPG Ticket Support System. I will be monitoring them on and off, addressing any issues of major concern! I know many of you use the holiday break as a time to enjoy the game with your fellow AAPG community members. Thus, I will help to make sure you too can enjoy your holiday break as desired! So...if you have any kind of MAJOR issue, submit it! I'll do my best to try and make sure it gets addressed.

On behalf of the entire AAPG support staff, it's been a pleasure to work alongside all of our players and community members again this year. You guys are the best and we truly appreciate you more than you know! Many of you have been with us from the beginning, and we appreciate the loyalty to the franchise and the experience you consistently bring to our community. For those of you just getting started, welcome aboard! We hope you find our game and our community inviting, and somewhere you can enjoy our unique, tactical, FPS. If there is anything we can ever do to assist you, please let us know here at AA Support. We'd be happy to assist with any general or technical questions you might have regarding the game.

Side Note:
Personally, it's been a pleasure to try and assist each and every one of you who have needed it this year. I hope that I, and the team, were able to provide you with quality, professional, and timely service.

This year, we have worked very hard to continue to improve our support system and the way we try and assist you. We have worked to build up our FAQ's, decrease our overall ticket response times, and ensure that you, the player, have all the resources needed to stay online with your battle buddies. Overall, I believe we have drastically improved from the past year and will continue to do so going forward.

However, you, the player, is our greatest asset. It still amazes me how awesome you guys are! Many of the solutions to many of the problems throughout the year can be found in these forums. Discovered or relayed to players, by fellow players. That is just awesome! Seeing our community working together to help each other to the fullest. That is what I believe sets our game and our players apart from any other community out there! So...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! It's been a pretty awesome 2016 and I've enjoyed getting to know many of you personally. I'm looking forward to an even better 2017 and all that lies ahead!

Again, from all of us here at AAPG Support, thank you for a great year!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and an early Happy New Year!

AAPG Support Team


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