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This is so bad. How bad you ask? Well, in the opening when he meets up with a couple of weekend hunters Bob Lee says; ".223 is not powerful enough to kill anything bigger than a squirrel." Later we see him in his “gun room” making some fine adjustments to something on the rail under or near his scope. He’s using an oversized, chrome plated, adjustable wrench. Oh PAHLEESE!!! The Series Weapons and Tech Advisor is Steve Seapker. His bio lists him as:
Military & Law Enforcement Technical Accuracy Consultant for Film and TV (6/1/15 to Present)
Mr. Seapker is a former Marine Corps Sniper Team Leader and Carlsbad Police Department detective. Currently, Mr. Seapker offers his military and law enforcement expertise to the Film and Television industry as a Technical Accuracy Consultant. With over 25 years of firearms and tactical training, Mr. Seapker provides extensive script review/breakdown and on-set technical assistance to ensure that any production featuring military units, state, local, and federal law enforcement or special weapons and tactics will be technically accurate.
Based on this TV show that last line is a joke!
The first books were good. The movie was OK. This TV thing is what you find on the barn floor. I was hoping for a Bob Lee the early years or even a Bob Lee, the continuing story. What they made was a new version of the movie that’s all PC. Bob is younger, married with a family. Nick Memphis is now Nadine Memphis and it goes downhill from there.
I give this show two thumbs down. Do not waste your time as I did.


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    Duke, methinks you've over-estimated attention spans in the digital age..... :)

    "Guy who does tech reference on The Shooter tv series allows a lot of technical mistakes. This is sad considering his supposed credentials."

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
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    Sometimes an advisor can be overridden, look at george lucas and force awakes. If you dont know what I mean there is an intervju with george on youtube were he tells that he advised them during the movie but they didn't listen too him on alot of things so he said that it was better for him to just step back cause he didn't like what
    he saw..... in this case maybe they didn't listen to the military avisor
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