Carbon8 seeking 3-4 Competative Players

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Carbon8 is coming back to Competitive Americas Army! We are currently seeking 3-4 new members to add to our current roster to have a healthy team. Looking for either the old experienced comp player that wants to compete a top level, or people that are new to competitive America's Army, but can be dedicated have a good team ethic.

Requirements are:
  • North American
  • No hacking history
  • Mic/headset
  • Able to dedicate at least 2 weeknights to scrims/matches

See our post in the Competative section for more info!

please contact either myself of SoldiersPrivate on steam for more info
Twitchr on Steam
SoldiersPrivate on Steam


  • {4F}DeadlyGrouse{4F}DeadlyGrouse Posts: 277Player
  • Still looking for 2 solid players! Feel free to contact me as I have no life outside of work. :(
  • Still seeking 2 solid players! Twitch layed it out pretty well above and in the eSports section of the forums, nothing else to say. *flies away*
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    you guys should really use a c8 variation tag
    Bhop is a string of jumps with no interruptions.
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    Thanks for the feedback Rokis, we will take it into consideration.

    Update, Only seeking 1 more active player! Let us know on steam.
  • Still seeking one solid player who regularly plays and can make matches. Contact twitch or myself.
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    Happy Holidays to all you out there.

    As some may know the upcoming Season of Flank Gaming AAPG Competition it is starting soon! Season 3 sign-ups officially start on January 10th. The sign-ups will last until the 23rd, and the season starts on the 24th.

    With that being said we are still looking for one more solid player (backup/mainspot depending). In the event one of our players has scheduling issues we still need another player. Also I may have to take an exit on a week or two depending on military obligations as well. If you are worried about not playing, don't, because there will be an opportunity. If you are unsure of your "skill" that is fine, we are going to be working on honing in some skills in maps with practice/scrims as well. We just got to have you on, play with us, and mesh. Only requirements are to have discord/ts available, regularly be available to play in scrims and official matches, and do not hack/have prior bans.

    If you are interested feel free to add myself, SoldiersPrivate, or Twitch on Steam. Or hop into our discord at where we are usually on daily from 6-9pm CST (7-10 EST).

    Or if your on a team/own a team. TALK ABOUT JOINING! would love to build up the competitive community to what it used to be, no matter what the level of team skill. As more teams get involved people will start thinking more about making two divisions to separate the differences in team ability and availability.
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