Voip not working

SumTingWong?SumTingWong? Posts: 79Player
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After the last update the voip on our server isnt working.
I know it was some stuff that changed some months ago with the voip settings..

I searched the forum but cant find it.

Think it has stuff to do in BaseEngine.ini or BaseGame.ini but cant be sure about this.

Any one knows what setting it was?


  • SumTingWong?SumTingWong? Posts: 79Player
    Found it :)

    In AAEngine.ini, under the [TeamSpeakDefaults] section, the setting name was changed from "DefaultPortPrimary" to "TeamspeakPort". It defaults to port 8765, but you can now change it to whatever you like. (Previously, if you changed it, VOIP wouldn't work)
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,605Beta Tester
    Ah. Just saw this and was going to say something about ports, but you got it... :+1:

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