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Hello AA Community,
I’m playing America’s Army since ~2005 and I’m a huge fan of this series. So much that it inspired me to start learning about game development. So here I’m – a german one man developer that is looking for help.

But before I get started, I hope that this kind of post is allowed and not deleted/closed. I'm looking for some help and this is not in competition with the AA game.

Beyond Enemy Lines - Announcement Trailer

I’m developing a game called Beyond Enemy Lines since early 2014 on the Unreal Engine 4. Beyond Enemy Lines is an in-development singleplayer tactical first person shooter. It's a mix between arcade shooter and military sim and is build around tactical operations.
This game is an old school tactical FPS without health regeneration, aim assistance or other modern stuff. It’s bare, hardcore gameplay. You start a mission after a short briefing and then you are on your own. All missions take place in a large scale area and you have total freedom how to complete the objectives.

Run & Gun, stealth or a mix of both – it’s up to you. One oft he special features ist he dynamic AI which is working without scripts. The AI coordinates attacks, can search for cover or call for help – everything is dynamicly calculated in the background. So you’ll never know what happens if you play a mission again!

What I’m looking for:
As I’m working alone on this game for such a long time, I can’t judge that well if the game is good or not, if it’s to hard or to easy. I need your help. I was inspired by America’s Army to start game development and now I hope I can find some veterans who are willing to help me.
I’m looking for experienced AA Playeres, perfered Beta testers who know what to expect from an Alpha/Beta build. The AA Devs are also highly welcome.

What I offer:
All selected will recieve the game for free (a Steam-Key that will unlock it instantly). The game will otherwise cost $18.99 – to avoid Key scammer I won’t select everyone. You can also activle take part in the game development and help me to build an amazing game.

How it works:
Send me a PM or a mail contact@polygon-art.com with your AA Profile, a short list of your Alpha/Beta experience and your system data (OS, CPU, RAM, GPU) and I’ll contact you with further details.

Thank you very much!

Homepage Beyond Enemy Lines
Homepage Polygon Art


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