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    why dont you post a list of positions you still have available maybe people will step forward when they know what exactly youre looking for
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    Word. I'll find out and update soon. We're looking good on the EU side of things now though, that much I know. Thanks to everyone volunteering!
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    Can I be a general?
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    I'd love to contribute, and I'm not complaining ! More of an observation

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    I'd love to contribute, and I'm not complaining you [TOS Violation] [TOS Violation]! More of an observation

    what's your observation?
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    revert is canadian
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    I can make sweet montages every so often.
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    These types of things have always been fairly selective when it comes to staffers. I'm sure there are plenty of folks who would love to contribute...anything to shock some life into this community. But you have to advertise what is available. Some folks are not cut out to write stories, just are not cut out to cast, some are not cut out to do xyz. Match talent/skills with positions, take applications and rack n stack the hopefuls.

    I've said before, some days it seems like coN is the catalyst for AAPG comp. It's not a bad thing, in fact it's extremely positive and refreshing knowing we have folks so deeply involved. I just wish they'd collaborate with others and let some one else take the lead on it. We're seeing a consolidation of power with just a handful of individuals in the AAPG comp world, and that could be a drawback (potentially). The observation was "coN monopoly in full swing." Meant more as a jest, but I guess I'm starting to get a reputation as a forum warrior myself...hence the warning I got for simply testing the curse filter system. You're welcome. But seriously, I'll lighten up for a bit while this flare up regresses.

    Anyone who's played with me and actually spoken with me knows I'm not a negative person, I'm actually quite friendly, and in the end I'm all for strengthening the comp scene. But you can't have everyone sharing the same opinion and expect to make indefinite progress. You need the folks that are still on your side (whether you see it or not) who are here to call the baby ugly. Some of it seems like sharp, unguided criticism but if you look at the principle message, you'll understand the points folks like Voldermort (to a degree) and myself make.

    Bonus points if you know who I'm talking about.

    <3 coN
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    Oh, cute emoticons btw.
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    THE UNTHINKABLE HAPPENED,made a friend in coN.
    Making friends can be fun.
    I guess I'm starting to get a reputation as a forum warrior
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    TheTots wrote:
    I think this thread has run it's course......
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