Ok a new problem with starting the editor

I use a desktop icon to launch my game and it starts fine with no login required, but when I try to launch my editor thru steam I get the AA launcher offering me to login, when I do it tells me I entered the wrong password .
Ok so I went to reset my password , even tho I am positive the one I used is correct cause I've only had one. then when I click on the link from the email they send me to reset my password , it gives me a 403 error page stating that I am not authorized to use this function.\

Any ideas????


  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Player
    Oh boy. :(

    Nope. Mine's working okay, but I've heard more than a few weird reports since that login update that was done a while ago.....

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  • (Beer_Me)Roach(Beer_Me)Roach Posts: 249Player
    yes that's about when it started . Any devs out there listening, I did bug report as well, in detail
  • (Beer_Me)Roach(Beer_Me)Roach Posts: 249Player
    Discovered that If I login to the editor thru steam but in offline mode and then switch to online mode it works again.
  • -=[DISF]=-Max-=[DISF]=-Max Posts: 251Player
    I solved, format c: and win10 . Drastic solution but now is perfect
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