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    The pictures are are a direct response to your previously posted pictures. BTW, what is your videocard/cpu combo? You seem to be getting a ridiculous FPS. What do you use to record?
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    commodore 64 +riva tnt 2 sli + webcam.

    Man, that must cost a fortune. Where do you get that kind of money! You must be sponsored with your 8+ hours of gameplay on weekdays and 10+ hours on weekends. Hook me up, brother. ^_^
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    1. I wasn't in the game. That I am certain.
    2. Other than Nos, I was the best cB player (before I quit AAPG in June of last year for a bit).
    3. You live in Hungary, so you're ahead of US East ( I believe that was may be 6 - 7 am in the US). Nos and the other members were playing all night and were tired and going to sleep.
    4. You take way too many SS. Let me read the mental health assessment textbook to see if I can diagnose you. (Addictive personality; check!) Hehe. Just kidding.
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    I love everyone's passion... One thing I've noticed is dem@n at 63 honor still uses the training HUD with full atta boy scoring notification? that is a little weird, for being so PRO.

    Min HUD is MAX MAN... or Lady. Everything else is just Training bleeps.




    ________Army 1980_________

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    You gotta let this HUD thing go.. it doesn't provide some crazy in game help as you claim it does.
    #Support Comp Mode
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    just a reminder this is still a lawl topic, so please stop posting future or present game videos, this is the wrong topic for that, if its trolling, blaming and slandering me or my friends you gona fail badly again demon.

    sorry,i didn't meant to hurt your feelings while recording how your clanmate ghosts,blocks on purpouse and teamkills for his competition buddies on a pub against me to have a chance at winning a pub match.
    i'm also sorry for all the screenshots i took from all our pub meetings that show how you loose while keeping a positive fragrate(most of the time,except when you rage quit).
    I'm also sorry for recording you exploit a double m24 sniper selection bug on a public server with your clan while you were doing a service to the community by imbalancing the game for months.
    i'm also sorry for you forfeiting the cup final you should have played against the script kiddies that represent the top on NA competition right now.

    just for the lawls
    as for the videos,don't like 'em,don't watch 'em.nobody is forcing you.

    Would be lovely to play with but you never on N/A servers anymore anytime in the past though when my team would join you would leave at the end of the match. You never stuck around for your butt whooping ah well.
    think you missed the first 5 and only points in my post,while i'm playing US servers almost every day when my Asian friends also play.Just don't see you joining ,ever.

    Sorry during the day I work like most people. Ill ask my government if they can pay for me to play AAPG all day and get back to you.

    Pie charts + Graphs= Very Bad.

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    Sorry during the day I work like most people. Ill ask my government if they can pay for me to play AAPG all day and get back to you.

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    I posted in the other thread. I'll post here too because it is related.
    I think you guys are way overemphasizing the posts. Demon calls colt a scrub. Doba a noob, etc. He also clearly name called HBK and others and tried to get them banned. In response, we call him out, too. However, at the end of the day, it's all fun and games. (After all, it's a video game where one of the main objectives is to KILL other people. If you love the idea of killing someone, but get offended by "namecalling" then I don't know what to say to that.)

    Now, have you ever participated in a real sports match where competition gets intense? I can tell you right now that name calling is almost inseparable part of that. In fact, in professional sports, name calling and trash talk are part of the game, too. Just youtube "NHL players trashtalk".

    None of the players wish anyone harm. We're just having fun. I laugh when demon calls me names, or says I suck, etc. When I visit Hungary, I'm willing to go have a drink with demon, too. I mean this in the most sincere way possible.
    We're just having fun. Relax and enjoy slaying the enemy in AAPG. Oh, and keep trolling in RR!
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    So 10 days passed since i opened this topic,everyone cryed their eyes out reading the funny troll and hate comments here ,thank you again for making my latest video as popular as it is and setting a new viewer record.See you at the start of next month with a new one.
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