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vid i came across , its source but the ideas are the same ,


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    Finally got a chance to look at this on the computer instead of phone. Good vid


    One the issues not presented is how lighting and shadow affect GAMEPLAY in an fps and how to deal with allowing access to the shadow areas, where people will camp and ambush from. So, I think it's possible to be creative with shadow in a way that slightly separates it from the gamespace so you still have the 'feel' without it becoming a problem. I'm aware of the issue, but can't say I know enough about it yet. Good overview vid! Thanks Lobo!


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    yeah , few point's of interest like using light to create the flow and different colours , but if you're looking from level design , or game playability , visually stunning or flat and great fps
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    There's all kinds of interesting environmental stuff that can be changed in this engine, and I do think a smart designer can balance the subtle effects with the need for good gameplay. I'll let you know if I ever become a smart designer......... :)

    Besides just how you light the map in general, there's fog/haze distance and opacity, light bloom, light and shadow colour, brightness and contrast, blur and depth of field, colour saturation, etc, and then there's effects like steam, smoke, flames, etc all which can have movement too.

    Add sound to all this and you can get a really immersive environment. If some basic gameplay ideas are kept in mind, I think maps can be a much richer experience.

    I think the main gameplay issue is - "never let a player hide in your map environment in places you didn't intend." This can be light/shadow, effects or overpowering sounds.

    I think some environmental stuff can create a real feeling of suspense and tension: places you have to watch out for. It just has to be part of the design of the gameplay and accounted for in other balanced elements, ie if a player chooses to use a map feature, then maybe they give up some other advantage. Make them pay for their choice - no free rides.

    For example, what if you set it up so a player has to be exposed to fire in order to access a certain area? If he risks the move to attempt the gain, maybe the opposing team is waiting for the move... So now it all becomes part of the calculations, and not just a freebie.

    Anyway, I think this is the kind of stuff that works itself out as designers take the time to learn as they go. I'm going through this stuff right now and find it very interesting to try to understand.

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