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Hi AA Team

Need some support please regarding hosting a server.

I have registered the server with a link sent from gameservers which is suppose to send me command lines i must add to the server command line.

Any help would be nice.


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    I not sure if I understand what you mean?
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    Are you talking about this command line.

    server BDX_Breach_EX /GLOBAL /AuthServerUserName=lpgs77.75.123.*** /AuthServerPassword=honorserver /AuthServerIP=77.75.123.*** /STEAMSERVERIP=77.75.123.*** MULTIHOME=77.75.123.*** /NOPAUSE /NOHOMEDIR
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    I just did all this last night, you said you have gone here?

    Do you remember your

    Server Auth Username
    Server Auth Password

    If you do then log in to your gameservers control panel here

    Then click on "Config" to the right of your server.

    Where it says "Choose File" select "Server Command Line" then press "LOAD CONFIG"

    You will see this.

    server BDX_SpringStreet_EX /GLOBAL MaxPlayers=24 MULTIHOME= /STEAMSERVERIP= /AuthServerIP= /AuthServerUserName=XXXXXX /AuthServerPassword=XXXXXX /NOPAUSE /NOHOMEDIR

    Replace XXXXXXX with your information then go to the bottom and press "SUBMIT" then go up to the "Info" tab and on the next page select "RESTART SERVER"
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