Kills or points not counting

Ok , some folks have been telling me that there are times when the kills in game are not calculating toward achievements and weapon challenges and such,.
There seems to be a common growing mis belief that this occurs on only Usermade map servers . This is definitely not the case we tested this many times over and it seems that the game itself sometimes does not count them and other time it counts them in your stats but not in your challenges .
This has been a problem for a very long time and it is becoming an issue now for particularly new folks who are not aware that its an old issue.
I just want to clear this up because the misconception is that the problem is with usermade maps and it is certainly not a map issue or a server issue. The problem is within the game and it seems to be intermittent and not everyone gets the issue.
For instance I only have the problem when I use the M16 but on the M4 there is no issue, others have told me they have the issue with the M14 EBR , I do not.
If someone in beta can get this info to the devs , please do , I still cannot get the bug report to work so this is the best I can do to report it. Its a real problem because I believe it is keeping some players from participating in the usermade maps.

Thanks Roach


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    I agree this should be adressed, personal i noticed this only on UMM, and its not just a specific map, weird random , one time when i play on example map ''A'' it does not count, but the next day it counts on map ''A'' , 3 out 5 maps does not count for me on the M4 weapon
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