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    I removed my landscape and placed terrain instead then checked all my world information .
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    Sorry I haven't gotten into this thread. Busy with other stuff. The mismatch is almost always due to the metadata files and how you store your maps in Unpublished\MissionEditor\Saves when creating maps.

    Make sure you have ONE map in ONE folder with ONE metadata and that your World Info map names match what your actual filename is. The way I started doing it, since I wanted "version workflow" was to create in one folder with multiple versions of the map but save to the folder with the one I publish from with the proper file name. So, if I'm creating all kinds of changes, I save....

    - BDX_Hostile001.umap
    - BDX_Hostile002LightBuild.umap
    - BDX_Hostile003newRoute.umap
    - BDX_Hostile010.umap
    - yada yada as I go, and then to the publish folder...

    - BDX_Hostile_C4.umap when I want to publish. After that, back to the 'build' folder...

    - BDX_Hostile015audio.umap
    - BDX_Hostile016.umap
    - etc. until I want to republish a change to the Workshop in that other folder as:

    - BDX_Hostile_C4.umap again. The metadata and filename always stay synced that way.

    With all that in place, I've been able to publish multiple times per day if necessary and the worst people have to do is restart Steam so it can see the new publish.

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