FGN Week 3: Picks/Predictions

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Two weeks down and we roll into Week 3. An odd choice for a comp map, Stone Ruins C4 is featured this week. The other map is Breach. A couple of good match-ups below should make for an interesting match on a map that has probably never been scrimmed prior to this week.

To the picks!

911 vs GunR:
GunR has had a rough couple of weeks. I was able to catch the end of Doba's stream and see 4F handling GunR fairly easily. GunR was a man down for a good chunk of the first map. They received some backup late on map 1 from Sunny, but it wasn't enough to turn the tide. They're going to need to play and continue to scrim as much as possible to improve their chances of scraping together a few wins before the end of the season. This is one of the teams they have a chance against, and they can't afford to squander it.

911 is 1-1 and tied for second place after 2 weeks. Last week they missed MiNininja dearly. They'll want to make sure he's in attendance this week, as GunR is a team they should beat. But should 911 drop this one, they're probably going to find themselves in 5th place.

Pick: 911

Fight Club vs HPX
A tough loss last week for FC. They lost to i9 and then lost two of their members. But FC isn't a team to take that [TOS Violation] personally. They're a good group of guys and will continue on with or without the two dudes who dropped. Still one of my favorite clans to play with, no matter what happens to the rest of their season. But I'm looking forward to seeing them see this season through.

HPX is a strong team coming off a win vs 911. They scrimmed constantly prior to the Harbor Assault match-up, and it showed. I'm sure they'll continue with their practicing and fine tuning as they gear up to give some of the top end clans a run for their money in the playoffs.
Pick: HPX

=IK= vs i9:
This one would be close, but =IK= employs Wonks.
Pick: ...

{4F} vs dcG:
Probably a better matchup than most are expecting. 4F boasts two really strong players in Wild Bill and Hyperlite, and that's really all it takes if you can get a kill or two advantage early in a round. 4F had an impressive win last week vs GunR, and look to make a statement against dcG this week.

dcG and it's mixture of m5 and dc players will continue to be a challenge week to week for anyone. But which chemistry shows up and will it work? It came close to working in week 1, and clicked pretty well against IK in week 2. They cannot sleep on 4F. Grouse has been pulling his folks along to pugs and scrims, and they are ever improving.

Going against the grain here and picking 4F in an upset.
Pick: 4F

911 vs GunR ... 911
fc vs HPX ... HPX
IK vs i9 ... Wonks
4F vs dcG ... 4F

GL HF! >:) >:) >:)


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