FGN Week 2: Picks/Predictions

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Week 1 has come and gone. Two teams ended up dropping out of the competition, leaving only eight teams to compete. We're going to need to do better than that next season if we want this train to keep rolling down the tracks. Week 2 features some good match-ups up and down the league. Teams will be competing on Watchdog C4 and Harbor Assault.

To the picks!

i9 vs Fight Club:
This match already occurred and I apologize for not getting the thread up before it happened. One team couldn't make a Tuesday match and requested to play earlier. And of course the comp community is full of nice people, so the match was rescheduled. It was a clean game with a little bit of pre-game treachery by Juniorscope (something about gentlemen's club and discounts). Needless to say, we're all internet nerds and no one went to see what Junior was talking about.

fc played a handful of players that included: doosk, Ghost, Heavy, Juniorscope, hellz, split, and the debut of Inferno. i9 fielded a team of: xtr, krux, liquid, doogle and zero. Full stats and recap of the match can be found on the FGNLeague.com Schedule tab.

Pick: ...

911 vs HPX
Looking at this match-up, most folks will tend to lean towards HPX. According to the FGN Player Stats, the top 3 KDRs in the league up to this point are all HPX: Blitz(3.1 KDR), BadSeed (2.91 KDR) and Texass (2.3 KDR).

But don't sleep on 911. These guys have put together a solid roster and will be a challenge for any and all. The top fragger of 911 is minininja, and they'll need him to perform to match the firepower of HPX this week.
Pick: HPX

{4F} vs GunR:
4F takes on GunR this week. Wild Bill and his Bandits of 4F ride into WatchDog as the favorites in my opinion, simply because of chemistry scrim time. I think Harbor is more of a toss up. Most clans do not get enough scrim time on the map, and if GunR has put in some time, they may have a chance to steal some rounds on the 2nd map.
Pick: 4F

dcG vs IK:
Oh baby am I ready for this one. Easily the match of the week.

Don't Care Gaming put together a great match last week and gained some valuable experience in a narrow loss to i9. They'll want to build on that and roll into IK's server to try and get their first W. Rumors are swirling of a few of the original DC's playing again, which would greatly improve their chances. Best case scenario is another original DC member or two riding in this week to reinforce their roster.

IK boasts one of the deepest rosters in the league this season. The trick for IK is just to get everyone online at the same time. Juggernaut, Doba, Wonks, Robert, and Scooby should be their starting 5. Juggernaut has been on the roster since before the start of FGN Season 1, but he was MIA. If all these 5 boys show up to lock horns with DCG, it's going to be a great match.

This one's going to be close. Every game may come down to just a few players going at it...I don't think we'll see many 5v1s. Hard one to predict, but I gotta go with the team I see scrimming more and putting in the work.
Pick: IK

i9 vs fc ...
911 vs HPX ... HPX
4F vs GunR ... 4F
DCG vs IK ... IK

GL HF! >:) >:) >:)


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