FGN S2 - W2: IceNine vs Fightclub

xtopherusxtopherus Posts: 71Player

No cast this week but here is a highlight video.

AAPG: FGN Week2 Highlights


  • =IK=Doba==IK=Doba= Posts: 2,789Player
    Good Stuff.. must learn to Demorec
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  • -pR|Arkeiro-pR|Arkeiro Posts: 768Player
    Was that a match highlight or I9 highlights, im confused.

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  • =IK=Doba==IK=Doba= Posts: 2,789Player
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  • xtopherusxtopherus Posts: 71Player
    Its a vague phrasing of continuous rounds taken from demo rec and shown from IceNine's POV.

    The demo rec is nice to have but very time consuming with the amount of crashing. The rewind seems to only work once and then crashes. If you are using rewind or fast forward and then hit anything but the play normal speed, then the game demo crashes. So if you miss something and want to shoot from a different angle or person.. You have to reload the demo and then fast forward to that shot, then hope for the best.

    It took about 2 hours to make that video with just taking shadow play cuts from the demo. Then took about 1 hour to edit into a video. Next time, I want to go through each round, kill by kill and get a better round by round experience. Although, that could take days to edit...
  • Xtopherus..... Your efforts are definitely applauded.
  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 713Player
    Pretty neat. Looked cool with the overhead looks as the good guys closed in on some of the bad guys.
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