Build is removing most of my custom made buildings

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I've started making a map from scratch. In the past I started a map by using the Basic Editor, building to a point then opening it in Advanced Editor to finish it. This time I opened Advanced Editor and started from nothing. Built and modified the landscape, added the sky, lighting, spawn points and 5 custom buildings. The buildings were built using a Material from the Content Browser and the cube brush. I resized the brush to eliminate the interior of the building, making a cavity as it were inside of each one. I then use the brush to create openings in each building.

Before the last two Build All type builds, the buildings would stay as I wanted them. When the first one happened I did a Clean BSP because there was an error that stated I should. I then did Brush Subtract and rebuilt one of the buildings completely, which was the only one with a problem. It took me 2 hours to rebuild it.

I just did another Build All and now 3 of my buildings are missing the openings and the insides are more solid. The other two buildings are simply gone. Completely.

Before this last Build I received an error stating I needed to run a BSP Clean again but I didn't want the same thing to happen as last time so I mostly ignored it. Instead I removed the brushes manually. Is this what caused the Build to erase everything? I guess I'm not clear if I should leave latent brushes in the map or not. If I do, I will continue to receive an error to Clean BSP. Am I supposed to ignore that?

I know this is my fault but I would like to prevent it in the future so I need to know where I went wrong.


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    Yep, if you've removed the brushes manually then you have most likely removed the BSP too.. whats worth remembering is that each time you use the builder brush for subtracting, adding etc.. to/from a BSP building, such as door openings, windows.. it will add a brush, my guess is you have removed the ones that composed your building, so now the BSP and building you once had, is no longer present in the map.

    To build whatever buildings etc.. in BSP you want to use, for testing, to see how it looks or for any other eason, only choose to "build geometry", as choosing that option will only build the BSP you've worked on and will save lots of time from doing a "build all" which also does the lighting.

    I've always found the mapping process is an awful LOT easier when starting a map in the basic editor first, this will ensure all the world info is adequate.. all matches and will more likely work as intended when played in editor and published to game.

    Using BSP in your maps can be fickle, it takes some getting used to and for the time it takes to make a single BSP building, you probably could have done 5 buildings with static meshes :lol:
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    I could have used static meshes but my buildings are not standard shapes so the meshes wouldn't work right. I've also found that the type of buildings I'm making are much easier with the brush than trying to align individual static meshes correctly.

    I'll redo my buildings with the brush, again, leaving the Clean BSP alone, run the Build Geometry and see what happens.

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    Wolvie did a great tut on BSP, have a look at that :wink:

    What I like to do is start with the basic shape, you can enable an option in the brush properties to hollow out the brush to make a room, which will save you from cutting out the inside yourself (steps to achieve that, should be in the above video above) be it a rectangle, square, whatever.. add the BSP, then build geometry, then add the door's windows, re-building each time I make a change, as I go along.

    On static meshes, If you keep to the grid (such as 4,8,16) then placing things like static meshes walls you will find they snap together like lego's, perfectly joined and square, it's only really tricky when you start to go on the 1 to 2 grid sizes.

    Good luck on your map :+1:
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    I believe I already saw that video, thanks. I ran the build geometry and it messed up some of the materials. I took a screenshot but don't have any web host to upload it to.
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