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Hello , I am new to AA Proving Ground and AA3. I use to play back in AA 2.7-2.9?(Cant remember the last AA2) and got experience with both realism units and regular units. I am looking for a well organized but laid back unit that will help me become better at the game. Im also interested in playing competitively eventually. I am 23 years old live on the US East coast (-5 gmt) Timezone Id prefer a 18+ year old clan and 1 with a player base mostly of us,canada etc. I also have a mic but its seen better days and not really sure if it even works anymore but i am more then capable of following directions and listening in on teamspeak,ventrilo,mumble etc. I currently have plenty of free time due to not working due to a leg injurie however eventually i wont be as active when i do return to work. I am interested in all types of clans and would like to join one that has ranks,command structure etc but is laid back as i said and has no strict rules (We arent in the actual military i dont want to have to talk to people like I am while playing a video game).

Heres a few units i can remember I was apart of in AA2.

3rdID (Was with them for months but left to join a unit old members had made)
ROTC(Rotten to the Core i think it was called)
82ndAB (This is the unit i left 3rdID for however it fell apart quickly)
Feel free to pm me here or leave a forum post with information to your unit.


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