Lightning Issues

Hi all

Hope 1 of u Guys can help me out with this problem im having ........
I have a Dominant Directional Light and it's working just fine with only this light in the map
but when i start to put some pointlights in my houses i get this horrible glowing light ? some of u Guys know what can be done to fix this......? see attached Pictures



  • (Beer_me)lobo(Beer_me)lobo Posts: 649Player
    drop the brightness on your point light and radius
  • RedBaron64(ITA)RedBaron64(ITA) Posts: 173Player
    If you didn't rebuild the lighting these effects are normal..put all yr lights in the map and rebuild lights with production mode
  • .!.dgodfather.!.dgodfather Posts: 461Player
    I thought lightning, cool, but you just had a typo. haha
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  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
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    yep.. check the properties of the light (that it's not been accidentally made to be that bright) then do a light rebuild.

    Infact I had the same once, not long after the ME was released and I was learning stuff.. I turned the brightness of the light right down, then did a 3 hour light rebuild (on my old PC) only to find that the very light I changed ended up being far too dim and hardly even lit, another change of properties and yet another 3 hour wait later, the problem was gone :lol:

    That was one of the reasons I upgraded my PC, well that and the fact the ME would crash trying to load too many assets in the content browser :(
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