Devs listening to the Comp. Community

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I found this video made my Thorin (personality within CS:GO and LoL)

Look at the video, and replace Valve with the AAPG devs:

I think it sound very similar to the problem we had with communicating with the Devs of AAPG to have a better more competitive game.


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    So basically its his opinion on how Valve should have communicated better with the comp community, theres only one thing different about AAPG and Valve.. although the cs1.6 players thought GO would be a failure and upset about how it was handles.. in the end it was still successful.. AAPG is not

    Obviously I agree with his points about the devs involvment with the top minds in the game
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    They've done all they will really be ever be able to do with the comp beta team, forums, and podcasts in answering and interacting with the diverse community. It all really requires some different decision makers. There really is a lot of information that they can go through and compile some useful information to put together a solid game. It's a matter of time and man-power, none of which they have time to provide in a way that is as productive as we all would like it to be.

    Quite frankly I wish they could do a thorough job of that and just take some money and hand this off to an actual game studio capable of committing all of their resources in making a top notch game. It honestly doesn't sound like there is enough to make this game what it is being demanded to be.
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  • PhilippovichPhilippovich Posts: 218Player
    in the end it was still successful.. AAPG is not
    True, but what we can take away from this, is that you can not NOT communicate. Meaning that the silence that the Devs had towards the comp community was just painful. Thorin makes some points which are great, when trying to understand what works and what doesn't work, you should ask the very best. People who actually put so many hours in finding the right combination and strategy to win on each map, in every situation. The Beta team, although they did a good job at finding bugs, they are not qualified (for the most part) in giving input in how the game should play out.
    Furthermore, if there was a great competitive community in AAPG, the game would still be a lot more active.

    well, it was not to sound like a broken record, but great (multiplayer) games are based on a competitive structure. And it was nice to hear, that games such as CS:GO would also like to have a better involvement from the devs.
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    I understand and completely agree.. I think the % of making a successful game greatly increases with the right help/information from people who know the game in and out, opposed to people who just say "I wish this and this was in the game".

    The attempt was there early on in the Beta.. the mistake not to follow through is now clearer then ever.
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    Competitive players know more about a game than the Devs themselves.
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    I was unaware that the devs were/are deaf..
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