Service Affiliation Request

RakkasanBravoRakkasanBravo Posts: 9Army Retired
Any idea how long this process takes. Requested a week ago. I have been out of the service for a long time so no service email.


  • {DH}=Namvet67{DH}=Namvet67 Posts: 9Player
    Don't feel bad, I've been waiting 3 weeks, and still haven't received an e-mail.
  • RakkasanBravoRakkasanBravo Posts: 9Army Retired
    Still no email here either.
  • GSDeadGSDead Posts: 1Player
    im new here as well and ive been waitiing over a week. no luck so far...
  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,279Player
    Sorry about the delay. Doing these verifications is manual and depending on your individual circumstances can take a while to do. Dev Ko$her is actively working on the backlog of them right now though.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

  • Tom_FragemTom_Fragem Posts: 6Player
    Oh, I just posted with a similar question. I'm in the same boat, but have only been waiting a few days for an email. Hope someone sees this. Good luck.

  • RakkasanBravoRakkasanBravo Posts: 9Army Retired
    UPDATE: Still no email. going on 3 months.
  • K0$H3RK0$H3R Posts: 57Developer
    If you are having AFA issues, please follow the instructions given on my previous 2-3 forum posts.
    Send in a support ticket to
    Be prepared to communicate with needed information to verify your credentials and apply the insignia.

  • K0$H3RK0$H3R Posts: 57Developer
    Please see below:

    "It has come to my understanding that many of our Veterans and Active Duty Service Members across all branches, are having a uniquely hard time acquiring their AFA credentials from the system. We are currently working to resolve this issue.

    However, in the meantime, if you are a Veteran or an Active Duty service member in need of AFA credentials, please submit a support ticket at

    NOTE: Please make sure to monitor your email for any responses and instructions to your support ticket. This will be crucial, as information will be requested and required to validate your records and apply your AFA status.

    Thank you to all of our Veterans and Active Duty members across all of our service branches. We appreciate your dedication to our country, as well as our unique gaming community. It is our upmost pleasure to serve each and every one of you with both pride and gratitude."
  • Soldierman86Soldierman86 Posts: 10Player
    Still nothing. Can i just submit my DD 214?
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