What Do WE Want See in the Next Version of America’s Army?



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    I'm very looking forward for Army developed single player adventure game about the life of a medical instructor.
    That has GOTY written all over it.
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    I'm very looking forward for Army developed single player adventure game about the life of a medical instructor.
    That has GOTY written all over it.

    Sorry to break the bad news.. but that IP has already been done.

    If my trollery drives you crazy, you'd better put on your seatbelt.

  • [Prt_Dictator][Prt_Dictator] Posts: 275Player
    Well, TIL, lol.
    Although I was thinking more of a Telltale style game with dialog and stuff about the dramatic life of a medical staff in the army.
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    Well, TIL, lol.
    Although I was thinking more of a Telltale style game with dialog and stuff about the dramatic life of a medical staff in the army.

    Already in work,thats why we dont hear anymore from DevDoc. Busy motioncapturing his daily paperwork.
    AAPG is good!
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    I'm very looking forward for Army developed single player adventure game about the life of a medical instructor.
    That has GOTY written all over it.

    Sorry to break the bad news.. but that IP has already been done.

    Imagine if this was our medic training in game :lol:
    You joined the world's greatest army to become a graphic artist? Outstanding!
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    TheTots wrote: »
    AA5 is not in production/preproduction at this time. It's not even certain that the next AA game would be a FPS. Every day the Army is becoming less and less about boots on the ground shooting and more about STEM fields.
    Who knows the next AA could be anything from a robotics sim to an RTS, a medical trainer to a story driven single player / co op campaign saga.
    Being a f2p game is no longer novel, and being a f2p shooter doubly so.

    There is a lot of talk internally about the future of AA and it's all very exciting, don't box yourself in with one genre or nostalgia from previous versions.

    This is quite an interesting idea overall...and in the end getting past the FPS model might definitely pay off. I'd rather play a (good) coop experience than an average fps.
  • Simple, throw away AAPG and go back to the gameplay of AA2 and AA3 and build off that.
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    It's almost a bid odd to see the support for AA3 coming around as AAPG dies.
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    Something needs to be done about the games memory.

    Every update the game forgets a lot of your settings.

    And loadouts still don't get saved,
    Joined a team? Better change everything in your loadout.
    Went to spectate for a second?
    Better select everything again.
    New map?
    Why not reselect everything!

    Honestly I don't understand why these things havn't been updated yet.
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    Whiplash27 wrote: »
    I'll start:

    1. Required training - Needed to unlock pretty much everything in the game. The training should be educational, engaging, and fun. It should start from basic and work its way up. Introduce people to various divisions and infantry units within the Army with training specific to that unit.

    People should be allowed to play the game without training, but stats don't log and they can't use anything except a basic load out.

    2. Defined/unique roles - Each role should be more than a weapon change. They should have unique gadgets or special abilities of some sort.

    3. Unique players/stats - I'm thinking something along the line where people can put a preset amount of points towards their player in order to craft their player to how they want to play. You can have all sorts of things. Movement speed, action speed, steadiness, accuracy sighted, accuracy unsighted, bravery (how much events/things occurring around the soldier effect them), leadership (their presence can positively impact their teammates), etc.

    4. More weapons - Even if we have to go into the past for US standard issue weapons (with OpFor counterparts), it'd be nice.

    5. More attachments - Front attachments especially. The game needs them badly. The more variety the better.

    6. Ranked mode of some sort. Even if matchmaking comes later down the line.

    7. A more interesting enemy - Czervanians haven't worked in two games now. Give us terrorists (and indigenous forces) back.

    8. A working tournament mode - self explanatory. Competitive games should be easy to setup out of the box.

    9. Better aiming system - Breath & short stop at the top & bottom of the cycle. No more hold breath auto win nonsense. Penalties for actions should be more harsh. Long range shooting should be more difficult. Sniping should be extremely difficult while not mounted with a bipod.

    10. Better Mounting - Should only work with bipods. Bipods have a cost of folding and unfolding.

    11. Map specific load outs - While I'm fine with some maps having more freedom, others should be restricted. Available weapons, classes, grenade counts, etc should be based on each map. Overloading maps with scopes is

    12. Maps - Bring back the most popular maps from AA2, AA3, AAPG. Then add other maps as you go.

    13. Shooting metrics - I actually like AAPG's, some may disagree. Recoil, unsighted firing are all good IMO. Although you'd have to work with the point system mentioned above so that there'd be a cone even for sighted fire depending on the person's sighted accuracy ability.

    14. Movement metrics - AAPG's are also pretty top notch here, keep them.

    15. In game browser/menu - From day 1.

    16. Squads - Bring it back

    17. No BDX/FLO or anything like that. Make some maps bigger, some maps smaller, let server admins decide which they want to play. Let competitive players decide which maps are good for comp. Let server admins decide on the size of their server. Etc.

    18. Medic system - Make the medic system work for living players, not incapacitated players. No revives, please. I know some will fight me on this, but revives hurt the game.

    I agree with this almost entirely. The training suggestion would actually push people to learn how to play the game instead of just jumping into a match and dying 102343489348934 times and shooting team mates by accident or taking a load out they aren't ready for.

    Squads would be awesome too, especially if it is handled anything like Arma or Squad (which has communication lines cut off from the rest of the squads unless SL/members need to talk to them).

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  • i would update the graphics and animation
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    If we're not getting an AA5 soon, which I didn't think we would, I wouldn't mind if the Devs take the way AA3 handles injuries/reviving and dump it in AAPG, add a medic class at that. Would be some way to transforming the game from how generic it is currently. (add the training too)

    Current maps feel too arena-ish too.
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    Thinking back and reading your post domination, I think they took some feedback from AA3 and used it the wrong way. The intention is to keep players in the game and entertained without having them wait 10 minutes until the next round. That's why there are short rounds and arena-esque maps. It should have been managed differently with additional features like changing loadouts, saving separate loadouts, attachments, mission planning, etc. Then again, they have a schedule to stick to and only X can make it in over Y for Z reason. In any case, certain things need to be assessed more diligently.
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    IMHO, the devs have done a great job in a lot of places. Unfortunately, it trips as it feels too generic. Currently, it does a lot well but just blends with all the other FPS's out there. Previous AA titles committed to a direction to make themselves distinct. As a player frustration is a word that springs to mind. It has so much potential but just keeps tripping. I honestly believe with some direction to create it's own identity it can appeal to so many more and be a success.
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    I think to many people try to compare AAPG with other FPS spray and pray games.. But AAPG is in a class all by itself! There are many fps games to choose from but not one of them is anything like the AA games past and present, it is more about the Values and the Community the game represents, more then anything else, (at least for me it is)..

    I think AAPG is a great game, I miss AA2 but I miss my old house I grew up in, but sometimes change is needed and in the end, better!

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    You better just stay off the interweb
    #Support Comp Mode

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    Unfortunately they did that to my actual account
    Luckily that was just for the forum and not the game.

    But they should have a no offensive language rule for official servers and filtered text chat. I would proudly report anyone who uses coarse language.

    Don't forget America's Army 3 had parental controls and mature language filter.
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    I found a solution for all the aapg "problems / failures".
    AA2 -> check out the game aao25.com and join the battle. *little bit sarcasm*

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