Splines and rivers

I want to make a river that you can walk in, not on. I would like it to have splashing sounds too.

I've looked over some tutorials but everything I find talks about something that I don't see in the AA editor. I've even looked at a few completed AA maps to try to get an idea but I can't find a step-by-step method to create the river in the version we use.

I also understand that splines are used to make roads or anything that needs to conform to the terrain. I already have the terrain how I want it and almost all of the map is built, just missing the river the way I would like it.


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    I don't have an awful lot of experience using water in maps, but I'll try to point in you in the right kind of directions.. Water is not actually water in UDK, its usually done by using a mesh or flat plain and covering it with a water "looking" material.. I know there are literally a tonne of ways of creating a water/river effect. You can get all technical with water/physics volumes or you can just do as I said above, both ways can look pretty good when done. Depends on how advanced you want to be with it.

    Myself, I would dig into the terrain where I want water to be (make like a natural tunnel in the terrain) then place a flat mesh (this mesh can be literally anything as long as its flat) turn off collision in its F4 properties, so that the pawn/bullets etc.. can pass through it.. resize that mesh to the size of the river, and raised/lowered to the level which I'd want the water to be and then simply drag a nice running river material onto it. There is at least one running river material I know of in the stock AAPG assets, they use it for the Homestead map, so it might also be worth a look at how the devs have it set up on their map. If you want all the splashing/rippling water effects when bullets etc.. hit the water material then you might need to use a water plain, rather than mesh(es), you can configure and change the effects of such contact in the F4 properties of the water plain.

    The water sounds are probably a bit more tricky but can be done, you will need to find the water sounding physical material, (it makes a splashing sound when walked on) and use that to paint the terrain where you want the water sounds or alternately maybe you can use it on the water mesh itself (but that's not something I've tested). Remember though, treading under water is usually silent :mrgreen: River running sounds alternately are just ambient sounds placed along the river (just like buzzing sounds near electrical items).. I'd advise using these sounds to add realism and make it feel like your near or around a river.

    One thing to note is be careful on going too deep with the water, as its unnatural looking for soldiers to be under water with gun raised/sprinting etc.. but if that's something you'd want, then look into using physics volumes to slow the character, blur the screen, give damage over time, even death.. that simulates loss of breath etc.. maybe you could even use touch volumes with kismet to achieve something like disarming the pawn only whilst in the water area.

    I'm sure there'd be even simpler ways to achieve what your loking for, but as I said I've not had a lot of hands on with using a water effect. Wish I could be more helpful, I'm sure others will have some good tips too.. Good luck.
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    if you use splines on roads they lose their collision , so will look right but not be able to walk on
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    The way my current river is you can walk on top of it. I used a plain, if I remember correctly, then added the river material, changed the orientation so it flowed the right direction, added the ambient sounds, etc. To prevent pawns from entering the river I added blocking volumes along the river bank but there will still be some areas where one can enter the river.

    Last night I found the splines section so I may give that a shot but on my next project.

    Thanks, as always.
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    I too want to make realistic (or MORE realistic) rivers. The "plane and texture" method, which I used on FLO_AllTerrain (may it rest in peace) is a place holder, at best. We know it's possible to model liquids now in some types of software, but whether any of us have gaming computers that can handle it on an interactive level in a multiplayer environment is another story.

    A very interesting area to keep an eye on.

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    Unreal 3 uses volumes, dynamic materials and fluid surfaces to achieve the illusion of water. For example one might use post processing (or blur effect) with blueish color lighting/light shafts in the areas where water is accessible/seen, maybe they even go as far as create camera effects.. cool bubble, ripple, wave effects, sound muffling and of course add in wildlife, fish, spongebob, reeds etc.. and couple all that nice-ness with pawn affecting physics volumes, dedicated animations to help simulate being underwater.. you could get real detailed and go crazy with it.

    Depends how "deep" you wanna go with it :lol:

    Think of Bioshock which was built with Unreal 3, truly a beautiful looking game. You'd never tell that was all done by effects, since it looks like your actually under water. Which reminds me.. I'm really looking forward to re-playing through the remastered editions. Info Here

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