Why does it seem no one can complain about Clans,,,or/and their actions

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I just complained about a well known clan that is abusive to anyone that plays on there server..
I may not be the people that run the caln, however the said clan is impossible to contact directly to make a complaint, and it seems that the admin on this server just want to brush any problems under the carpet...
Please Mr Tots... don't delete me or my thread again.. I have not named anyone,, and if you want this generation of the game to survive much longer we need to address the issue of bully's and blatent cheats, within the AA game environment.
I don't really want to styart a big thread and hoodoo on face book,,, however...enough is enough,.....clean up the bully and cyber trolls that resides on the AA community


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    Yeah good luck with that one..

    We do our best, most all servers and admins are great, there may be a few who may not appeal to you, but the bottom line, they pay for their server, so you need to deal with them, and thank you Dev's for allowing the server owners to control the environment they pay for!!

    Best advice to give you is to just go to another server!!
    One day I will graduate noob school!!!

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    They have a Clan site.
    Think positive thoughts,
    say positive words,
    do positive actions
    and the positive grows.
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    clan is impossible to contact directly to ake a complaint,

    I typed the clan name into google and their website was literally the first thing that came up, and they even have a help section. They also have a Server Rules section that directly addresses your initial complaint about being kicked for your over 300 ping. "People with 200+ ping can be kicked until your ping is brought under 200"

    We've already explained all of this to you in support tickets and private messages.

    The forums are not the place for clan and private server drama, final warning.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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