New player looking for clan

Hi, I am a new player to AAPG but I'm starting to get the hang of it. At the time of writing I am a Private IV and almost Private V. My K/D isn't that good but once I settle down I will kill most of the enemy single-handedly and once, in a C4 match it was 1v3. Me being the 1, but i still won the MATCH despite being outnumbered each round. My play style is with a rifle and being stealthy, this means that I wont get much kills but in modes like Extraction and C4 I can get to the objective without the OPFOR being notified before its too late. I would prefer a competitive clan but I'm fine with any.

My time zone is GMT +0
My steam is dbelliswalker

I have an active mic and know most callouts, locations and the code-names in the NATO phonetic code (Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta .etc)


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