Brush add/subtract & collision problems.

I put some columns in a new map I'm working on. I used the cylindrical brush and did a CTRL+A to add the texture I wanted. For some reason, and only on some columns. some sides of them are missing. I've tried redoing them by CTRL+S but they won't go away.

Now I'm having another issue. In one particular area of the map my character is not permitted to go further due to an invisible barrier. I can't locate the barrier. I've checked lighting, floors, walls and all static meshes. Everything that should have no collision doesn't, including the lights. I could use this path prior to today's editing but now it won't let me. I have another area of the same map that is a duplicate but it allows me to go down the path where the other side of the map stops me.


  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,607Beta Tester
    Oh.....I had this issue. In the various views....UNLIT, LIT, etc, choose "Brush Wireframe'

    You'll find the culprit in there. Also, research how to use the Intersect and De-intersect CSG tools. You may have bad geometry that will need to be deleted and done over.

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