Servers Keep Crashing!

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Hi Aneurysm here from down under. ever since the migration of servers on the 11/07 (possibly since the VIP update) all the Aussie servers seem to crash after 10 - 20 mins of game play. Usually the crash will occur as a round is counting down to be started. I can't stress how annoying this is for all Australian players who have to migrate to a server with sometimes over 250 ping. Can be unplayable for some.

I have tried updating the server files, reinstalling the server (full wipe), nothing is fixing this issue. Like I said ALL of the Aussie servers are doing the same thing.

This has to be fixed asap as the way I see it this game has hardly any people playing as it is and if this issue persists the game will lose a tonne more players.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this issue or any info that might be helpful please reply.

Known servers this issue is affecting:

-=S.K.A=- Public Server (been reinstalled) Still crashes.
The -[Owt2Kill]-. Shed
=R*C= #1

There are more but no need to list as this issue only seems to affect the AU servers.

The issue is affecting both Gameservers servers and i3d servers.

Please help us fix this issue!

From all concerned at Australia/NZ.



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    fix this pls need my aapg fixs
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    Still to this day it continues to crash.... We nearly had a full 12v12 going and bang.... Lag warping around the map, you can sort of still use the in-game VoIP.... Please we need some sort of fix for this
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    Better route to the server? Less ddos attacks? What makes you think there's anything wrong with the server executable in this case?

    In order to track a problem we need more info, sometimes it's just not easy to do. The fact that SOME servers work and others don't is a typical problem solving data point that suggests it's not the EXE.

    One of the biggest issues this community has seen in the last year and a half or two years is ddos attacks making servers unplayable. Several fixes WERE pushed out to try and help, but it's not the Devs fault if some scumbag is pounding your WAN port with packets just for kicks.

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,620Beta Tester

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
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