Servers not showing in server browser.

"I am having issues with viewing all the servers. I Have tried a few things but nothing is helping. But this is what is happening. When I go to my favs list to go to a server only a 3rd of the servers in my favs show up. But if I refresh a dif 3rd will of my favs will show up. Then in the main browser if I do a search I am unable to still find a few of the servers and this includes my own server that is indeed active and working. How ever the only way I can get to my 12v12 server is by going to my history where my 12v12 server is listed there. I have checked all the filters and scrolled threw them all and refreshing. I have done a system restore from a month ago, I have gone and deleted AAPG32 and reinstalled the files, I have also verified steam cache. None of these have helped. Is there other players out there having the same issue? And does anyone know what else I can try aside from uninstalling the game then reinstalling it? Thank you for your time."

I feel the same with my servers. I've checked Firewall and antivirus and there is no solution. I have reviewed the ports of comunuicacion and nothing no longer has to do. someone has a support. Thanks a lot



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    I should have updated but mine is now half way better. I am able to see all servers in my favs now. It seems that the last release helped out. We are not alone it happens to a few of us all the time. Please hang in there and remember to check your history. Chances is the server you were in but you cant see is in there. Also I found out later that if you hit refresh 4-7 times the server or servers you were looking for will list. However do make sure to filter threw all filters. I had another member that could not see any servers once and using teamviewer I messed around with it and after filtering a specific filter he was able to see the full list of servers. He did have to filter it every time for about 2 month before it fixed itself. Happy games
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