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    problem is Dalt@n always has the same feedback.. bad net code.. is always his message but in a screaming rant mixed with unknown words

    Oh, this guy... Well my comment still applies to general feedback like colts said. Don't give feedback about something you didn't play and such.
    Especially you doba... you've tested most of this stuff before the opt-in and again during it. You should be the last person to give feedback. /s
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    I think this thread has run it's course......
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    I agree.. we should hear feedback from those new people that are thinking about playing the game for an hr...
    ..and since they're new..we should do whatever we can to keep them for a few more hrs, like give them an easy gameplay...instead of pleasing those that put in hundreds of hrs.
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    I'd be happy to hear feedback from the thousand other players who aint here everyday posting the same stuff over and over. Even if it was to say the game sucked and they only played for an hour, it would be great! then we could start to ask why they only want to play for an hour and start to focus on other things hurting the new player experience.

    That would be far more valuable than hearing a 2 year vet ask for removal of bushes, nade pins, broken hitcode, ridiculous recoil, dodgy vaulting, and other such things.. not that we shouldn't be offering up our feedback too, but were looking at the game in a different light.. an experienced one.

    I don't know about anyone else but I play because I happen to quite like the game and its continually grown on me over time, I take many breaks from it when it starts to get old and annoying and go play other games like most people I imagine do too.. then come back and appreciate it once more. Not everything in this game is perfect and there's lots of stuff I'd do differently if I were making the game.. but I'm not, I simply accept that and try to enjoy what we do have.
    Over the years I've seen people provide feedback, then after which something changes in the game from that feedback and it's made the game slightly worse in my opinion, I guess we just gotta deal with that and ride out the storm. For example, nobody was happy with sounds before, so the Devs say "hey, we agree! new engine incoming!" they spend months working with it and when we finally get it, most everyone wants most of the old sounds back :lol: Lesson? be careful what you wish for because not everything will work the way "You" intend it to as it's being handled by someone else and from feedback there's so much difference of opinion it's going to be impossible for anyone to be 100% satisfied.

    I'm glad they're letting us have this opportunity to test the game before release and we should be grasping it and making the most of it, because before too long.. it's gonna be the game were gonna be playing. Feedback from as much of the playerbase as possible at this stage is more important than ever before! there's time for discrimination and divides if people feel they must, but this is not it.. not at all.
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    Thanks for distinction :P. For me OptIn#3 was realy good, sound was great, optimization was great too. Cant wait to play the final product. Hope it will be soon ;).New maps are nice, ofc they arent finished yet but they are cool yet ;). Great work devs. Keep it that way.
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