Map Spotlight: Impact2ndWave and Jungle Trash & Furious 2

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Impact2ndWave is Modtools’ recreation of the AA3 map Impact. This recreation does a good job of mixing the old with the new. The layout remains very similar to the original allowing veterans of the map to hop in without missing a beat. The aesthetics mix old AA3 assets with new Proving Grounds assets to maintain the charm of the original while increasing the overall quality of the map’s assets. Modtools provides a nice twist to the map by making the objective locations random each round.


Jungle Trash & Furious II, a map brought to us by Fg.L@lOoZe, may be the most visually impressive map of the bunch. It is clear the map creator spent a ton of time getting the look and feel of the map just right. Liberal use of particle effects and decals throughout the space really help to dirty the map up. The layout of the map can take a little getting used to, but once you do a host of interesting routes become available for you to get around the map. The map make nice use of verticality in an untraditional way. Large structure surrounding the playspace make the players feel a bit claustrophobic while some minor changes in playspace elevation (half story hop ups and the like) help add some spice to otherwise straight forward corridors.

The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    I'm really enjoying seeing what other map makers come up with. Very interesting creative journey. I like! The contests are a great way to push a little and up the ante! :+1:

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    You have the same link to both maps. Miss link to Jungle Trash & Furious II.
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    It might be this, but it's named Jungle Trash & Furious
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    Incredible looking maps!

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