Few Questions

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I have few questions about game and server config.
Only straight answers are welcome here.

1.Why Private Message and Send Admin Message is blocked in Server Menagment?
If you dont know how to unlock this can you tell me COMMANDS like (say_XXX) to make admin message, In Custom Console Command tab.
2.Some options dont work... even when i set in config Begin Round Delay to 5 is still 15sec.

3.Can you tell me where to turn off that TIMER to revive soldier? Becose they die before i have time to heal some players.

P.S Message to ADMIN and DEV: Please in next game update FIX that LOGIN i need to enter XXXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXX so long user and pass everytime i enter game its not BETA anymore this stuff shout to be fixed long time ago,this dont look like PRO.

Thank you.
I BLUESKYLIMITED I Server need players and admins, there is no clan rules or any stupid rules so all of u can just feel free and have fun.Thx 4 Support.
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