Map Spotlight: 7raptus and Abuja Sunrise

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7raptus by SeVn.Max is a very well built map with good atmosphere and character.
The map is reasonably sized for a BDX while offering numerous route options to complete the objective. The exterior routes of the map contain side alleys to keep combat interesting and make stealth an option. These side alleys have a really good feel to them. They contain enough detail to keep them visually interesting while still maintaining clear sightline. The central portion of the map adds verticality in to the mix. The area around the flag provides both attackers and defenders different height options to play with. This keeps attackers alert checking possibly ambush points and defenders on their toes trying to control all the routes leading to the flag.


The first thing that stands out about EJtheK’s map Abuja Sunrise is its lighting scheme and color palette. The map is very bright and vibrant when compared to other maps in the competition. These decisions help players to stand out in the level, which is a good thing considering all the places players have access to in the map. The amount of clutter on the ground provides some interesting midrange firefights, but perceptive players can find numerous routes leading to rooftops and the second story of buildings in the map. This gives the map a bit of a playground feel, with players using their knowledge of the maps “go anywhere” approach to get an advantage on their opposition. The map often sees players have shootouts between parked cars while the flag carrier hops from cover to cover in an attempt to out maneuver a rooftop defender.
The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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