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Hey AA!

I have responded once to the Scrim Finder thread. But, I felt like I should create a new thread regarding this idea.

I know the community is small for AAPG Competition. But, what I do find is that there are many more clans/teams I see in-game than I do see signed up for the competitive sites. I know the competition is pretty skillful here. But, I have just been wondering why not all of these teams have dabble into the competitive scene, or what is the best way to enter that scene.

S CRIMS! The one thing I remember about playing with Dexterity, way back when, was that we scrimmed every night against other top teams. The thing is, these scrims felt almost like the actual competitive matches we would play in the various ladders we played in. None the less, it help us get better as a team, and myself as a player.

So, I have an idea to develop a platform (webapp) to allow teams to find scrims easier. It shall be seemless, and I will explain it in more details below. Not only will this assist your common teams with setting up scrim matches, but it will allow new teams to break that barrier of entry into the competitive AA market.

Platform Idea (Concept):
I want this platform/process of setting up scrims as seemless as possible.

(1) Team Creation Process --
Create user account > Create a Team > Invite your players > They create user account > They join the team.
(2) Team Challenge Process --
Team A leader sets "available for scrim" feature > Team is added to a challenge board > Team B searches for available scrimmers > Team B accepts that scrim challenge

More feature may be up for discussion like stat recording, etc. but, it is just a scrim, which is designated for practicing.

Scrim rules will be clarified and most likely follow closely to common competition sites for AA.

I may be wayyyy of key here. So, if this is a bad idea, then please weigh in and let me know. I do not want to waste my time as well as yours. Thanks for reading,

Happy Shooting,


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