creating custom missions

i'd try a rework of inner hospital:
is there an easy way to change all breakable glasses ( AA simple destroyable) into non-breakable glass ( StaticMesh'ModKit_Hospital_Wind-Doors.Meshes.Glass-Window-128x64_NK_SMesh' )

i can select by same properties, but where do i have o change all of them at once

is there a way of loadout customisation ---> restricted roles plus removing frag nades

thx in advance


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    edited June 2016
    I don't know about frag nades, but you can edit the roles easily. Go to: View -> World Properties -> World Info -> My Map Info -> AAMap Info -> Fire Team Manager -> Per Team FTSetups. Open the [0] and [1] tabs, expand the Max Team Roles to see and edit roles per team. (The VIP role does nothing as far as I know.)

    I recommend keeping 12 Rifleman per team, so people can swap roles.
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  • =LEGION=CanJ=LEGION=CanJ Posts: 23Player
    thx.. will try
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