pylon/spawn and ladder issues

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1, pylons/spawns:
I followed wolvys tut to makes spawns and obj. The obj is working fine, however when I press play (the green arrow) it says can not spawn player cant find start point. The spawns are in and set up, the 1 thing I did not do is placed the pylon wolvy mentioned because I cant figure out how.

Ladders, I added the static mesh, but how do I make the ladders work so you can climb them. Also is it possible to scale down the height of the ladder so it fits better?


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    ladders are a [TOS Violation] , fully load your content browser have all selected search for ladder and you will see some archetypes 1 storey 2 and 3 ladders put 1 where you need it move/rotate to where you want it and do a build paths
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    A ladder is not just a mesh. It requires a ladder volume surrounding the ladder to determine when your player pawn is close to the ladder. This volume also has the direction options to say which way you face when climbing (so you don't climb the back of a ladder).
    Best thing to do with ladders (what I do normally) is to open a stock map with a ladder (like full Hospital) that is a similar length, then copy all components (mesh and volumes), open my map, and then paste.
    If you need to make the ladder shorter or longer, you can then either resize the ladder (and volume) or add extra ladder meshes (but you still need to resize the volume to contain the whole ladder.
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    To add a Pylon - Right click in map space, highlight add actor, click on add pylon .. then maneuver the pylon somewhere above ground/landscape level and as close to the center of the map as possible, you don't have to be exact..

    (Note, be sure to build paths after adding it)

    As for ladders, the guys above have you covered :+1:
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