Banned From Every Server

.uA-Kiritokun.uA-Kiritokun Posts: 3Player
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HOw does this work?
i got banned from all servers for no reason... everytime i join the punk buster says that i have a restriction level
then the server kicks me and says u have been kicked for unknow characters is my name or name stealing
first of who ever wants this name i got it first and second THESE PEOPLE SUCK

PUNK BUSTER ERROR just in case anyone was wondering
I would like to apologize for my manor and behavior but understand that im very angry and wish i could get wht a want outa this bc its unfair first and second it shouldnt even happen at all


  • `xinoN`xinoN Posts: 359Player
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    Welcome to the forums. No need to use the f word or yell... We're all friends here..

    Looking at your nickname I'd say it's probably the || characters so remove that from your nickname and you should be good to go. I might be wrong tho because I've seen people using those...
    Oh well.
  • .uA-Kiritokun.uA-Kiritokun Posts: 3Player
    tried that already still says is after me restarting everything
  • .uA-Kiritokun.uA-Kiritokun Posts: 3Player
    Still have level 1 PB restriction and thanks to xinoN the level 2 PB restricition stopped
  • SacchoSaccho Posts: 1,577Player
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    Checked some logs and I see a lot of this from today for you:

    [05.25.2015 15:31:12] |66| RESTRICTION: (slot #4) Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe

    Protected name kicks are reported differently, so I'd have expected this to be a PB installation or firewall issue. The message you're reporting for "unknown characters" confuses me. I'd try manually installing PB again and running the "test PB" program from the AA launcher.

    Open the launcher, click the "settings" cog at bottom left,
    then find these buttons:

    You could also try using a simpler name (e.g., "Kiritokun") to see if that fixes the issue, but I kind of doubt that's the true problem here.
  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 656Moderator
    the website recognizes the pipe character as %7
    There are also some odd combinations of forbidden names or parts of names, try a simple name.

    login here? :
  • SSKnecaboSSKnecabo Posts: 2,721Player
    Out of curiosity, anyone knows if the honor reset bug is still working?
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