dissapearing map folder after it was saved

I was in the process of finishing off my map went to open it and it wasn't there from 20 minutes ago from when I last saved it, the one that opened was from yesterday at 1:32 pm . I can't figure out where the final save went I just had it opened and closed the editor after saving it as I had been doin all through today and no issues and now the final map isn't there please if anyone has had this happen how do I recover my final map folder, I am so pissed right now all that work and now its gone I didn't delete anything just saved like I have all day,


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    updated thanks fixed it
  • ^}RoadRage{^^}RoadRage{^ Posts: 9Player
    found it in the backup files thank god,,,,,
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    Stupid idea, but maybe it went to the Published folder. The default filepath is something like C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Unpublished\... . Maybe try the Published folder - but to be honest I don't understand why would publishing delete it from the unpublished.
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    When in doubt, and when all else fails, search your computer for *.umap files. :)

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  • How do you use the back up saved umap files guys. I had same issue. But not sure how to go about dropping in the file correctly to be opened in the Editor. Where did you put or copy the back up .umap file into to get it to load up in the editor. ROAD RAGE???
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    U can just open one of them in editor then click save as opt├Čon then put correct name which ends in .umap without all steam numbers in it . And choose the correct file path . Then u got back in the right folder for using in editor again
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