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Hey guys,
the last time i worked on a polished and a bit redesigned variant of AA2 Radiotower.
THX to Deltathunder, Cpt.Cantu and {NWO}Hawk also eLiZ aka Altan for their help.
Over the whole map are some little animations.
Also there are i think 20 weapons lying around all over the map.
We got parachuting to work. (thx to cantu)
Also we got vip mode to work (thx to Hawk)
We got the map redesigned (thx to Deltathunder and eLiZ aka Altan)

THX for so many ideas from the community...
i tried to get the realized and implemented all in the map

there are some little secrets in the map so find them :awesome:
it has something to do with aviation vehicles , explosions, explosions and yeh explosions...

I hope you will enjoy the maps.
Gz Modtools

The Czervenian Army is going to try an offense through the desert of Hojabir to circle the our alliance forces. We found out that there is a secret base.
Its an old Radar and Radiostation of the Soviet time which was refined. All enemy activities in this area get cooridinated by this commandpost.

So mission for our Airborne Squad is to infiltrate the facility and capture the keyareas.
First aim will be the generator to cut down the enemy communication.
Second and third aim will be the weaponscaches and some ambulance in the bunkers under the base.


One of our agents was prisoned by the enemy in their commandpost in the czervenian desert. The agent got critical information from the czervenian militry offense but also from our offense.Liberate and extract the agent.

THE FIRST START OF THE MAP WILL TAKE AROUND 2-8mins because the shadercaches are builded
on server and client side. I had to do this cuz some of my testers had the ranoutofvirtualmemory failure.
ALSO Radiotower VIP needs more than 4 players until it can be played well.

Download ACT Version:steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=694446878

Download VIP Version:steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=694438874

If you want test the maps - they are both on my server
Name: Modtools AA2/3 Server

Screenshots in next post


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    Here some pictures

    Sorry for the burning scrolling wheel :-)
    more will follow
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    Modtools wrote: »
    Here some picturesSorry for the burning scrolling wheel :-)

    It's quite alright.. I middle click + drag :lol:

    Map looks great mod :+1:

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    Wow, great screenshots.
    Oh well.
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    thx mates looking forward to play the map with you :-)
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    Parachute? NICE!!
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    found some bugs will fix them as soon as possible
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    Following! Screenshots look great!

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    Good job Dude! We will test it soon to the Fg's Server! Look cool! And good job for VIP mod! ;)
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    added some little gameplay tweaks.
    i made it impossible to stay in the plane...campers out there after 30 secs
    you will get pounded out of the plane by your commander.
    So hear and follow the instructions "GO GO GO".

    I fixed some issues players could get out of the map via some holes
    in my "you are leaving the map rim". Some other bugs were that if you call the jet
    to destroy the scouttanks the explosion animation wa not played.
    I lowered the volume and gain of the ambientsounds too.
    (if they are too loud anymore pls tell me)

    VIP Mode got some additions and an old known friend :-)
    The VIP Version needs more than 4 players
    (under 4 pls dont use the vipspawn, working on a way to get it playable with less people)
    It is so that a agent (the VIP) is enprisoned in the enemy bunker system on 2 different locations.
    One of the players can swap to play as VIP. The others of the attack team must liberate him.
    They must first open the door of the prisons and then search the key in that room o open the door.
    After that you must get the VIP to the extract.

    The standard maproundplaytime was set by me to 15minutes.
    -> yeh i know thats much, but i thought
    it will help to prevent the match turning into a run and gun.
    If you want to change the timeset,
    you can also setup a standard in your serversetting.

    Hope you will have fun.

    PS: i recently republished some maps
    which has now new areas and play a bit better than before:
    +Czervman:some little FUNMAP made by Cpt. Cantu and me:
    +AirfieldTH: AA3 airfield with new locations and some more stuff:
    +Impact2ndWave: a new look aa3 impact from Bl4ckburn and me:
    +Stronghold: this was the try to remake the original aa3 stronghold:
    +Steamroller: remake of aa2 steamroller:
    +TunnelCollapse: a new version of CollapsedTunnel
    with more gameplayareas and a bit different look
    +WeaponsCache: i remade the old aapg beta version of LeQueb and polished it a bit up
    +Shantytown: yeh another try to make a complete port of aa3 shantytown

    Last but not least my own maps:
    +Wirecutter: a steamrollerderivate:
    +MissileSilo: a bunker containing a rocket silo with an nuclear intercontinental rocket
    +Ambush: yeh you got into some ambush and
    critical infos are stolen from you convoy so get them back

    So if you have some ideas which map should be the next pls only add me on steam or PM me.
    Perhaps your favorite map is the next...

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    I ran around in the map a bit, looks good. I mentioned it to Roach, so he can added to his server. Gonna be fun playing RT again. Thx for remaking it.
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    thx wolvy :+1: :awesome:
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    Radiotower VIP now fixed.
    Its now playable with less than 4 peoples and the extract should work now properly.
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    *now the map can be played with 2 players up+
    *the extract should now work properly - sorry for the inconveiance

    attackers:* go to the door and activate
    *search for the key to unlock the cell
    *get the vip to the extract
    (here was the bug-a skeletalmesh is used to trigger the win event
    and it was a bit too high to reach the winvolume - sorry my fault)

    the vip: *he has now the ability to try to open the cell on his own
    *on a table or on a barrel are weapons for the vip if he gets out
    *try to get to the extract poor vip player

    Hope you will have fun
    and you are not too mad at me :*-( shame on me

    Gz Modtools
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