Are Matinees memory-resident when not being played?

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I'm on the look out for efficiencies while trying to do my elevator, but an easy way to do multiple floors would just be to call a specific SEQUENCE of Matinees for each floor......but not if having multiple matinees will be a mem hog.

I'm finding info isn't anywhere near as easy to google up as I would like.


Anyone? Is it just harmless script until called?


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    The Matinee Data variable is stored in memory so technically it can hog memory even though I doubt its enough to make a difference.

    I believe you can share that variable between multiple matinee nodes and reuse the animation, so you can probably try something with that for the elevators.
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    Thanks. Ya, I have two issues: Coming up with something that works, and...making it an efficient use of code.

    This is really neat. I'm having a blast!! I've never done anything like this before.

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    cold front radar, has 3 matinees just for the open spin close movent
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    Not sure about memory footprints, but I do find all that kismet and matinee is mighty good for brain training, that's for sure :)

    Ahhh, the joys of when your setups don't work and your going through all the connections, confusingly itching the chin and plugging and unplugging, then when stumbling on the correct one having a little eureka moment!

    I'm not very good at it.. like at all :lol:
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    yeh so the thing i could say is.
    There are multiple ways of making animations.
    You can use Matinee.
    You can use a skeletalmeshactor node.
    Also you can use a teleport :-)
    (this is mighty to move spawns but not in gameplaytime :*-( )

    Also its a thing that you can load the matinee out of multiple littlematinees giving you the full matinee.
    In this way if you set the matinee to serversided it wil get loaded only if the client needs it.
    You can also use culldistance volumes to prevent a loading if the player is not in a radius of xxx units.

    I tried all this little thinks in radiotower.
    So if you want i can give you the plain .umap of radiotower or only download it and open it in the editor.

    1. example:The box falling from the sky is made out of multiple matinees
    together with skeletalmesh morphing.
    2.example: the planes uses a culldistance volume to prevent graphics problems and fps drops.
    3.example: you can also define bone nodes or attachments. look on apache or jet matinee.
    4.example: look at the parachuting animation (its the big piece on upper left)
    there you could see how to use teleport options to animate something with notes and
    attach and teleport only with kismet coding

    client sided things will cost memory, serversided too on load but i think it will not be much memory.
    hope i could help you, if you have questions to the code pls ask me
    Gz your Modtools

    PS: got radiotower ac and vip finished :awesome:[MAPRELEASES]Radiotower-and-RadiotowerVIP
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